Three refreshing papaya recipes perfect for hot days

With the arrival of summer, many people changed their eating habits. this casserole and heavier recipes, salads or cold and light meals are much more appetizing when the heat is on.

Traditional fruit and veggies are a classic that won’t be missing from any fridge as these dates approach. However, more and more people are betting on other more daring options and more exotic fruits and vegetables.

Among these alternatives, MangoWith its unique and refreshing aroma, it strengthens its place among the best-selling products in greengrocers or papayaAllows classic recipes to be given a twist by adapting them to new textures and nuances.

We review some of the main recipes that you can prepare using papaya: gastronomic delicacies It will make your meals more delicious and different, appealing to the taste of all family members.

1- Papaya and mango salad

Papaya and mango salad. Shutterstock

Prepare 250 grams of papaya, the same amount of mango and Rocket anyone laws, slightly lighter in weight. Cut both fruits into small cubes, but consistent enough not to fall apart. Put the arugula or lamb’s lettuce on the plate as a base and spread both fruits on top. On the other hand, lightly fry a few slices of Serrano ham and top with a few pearls of soft cheese. Also a little bow pumpkin seedsand dress the salad. For the latter, we recommend a vinaigrette with olive oil and salt, along with apple cider vinegar and flower honey.

2- Fried chicken on green beans with papaya chutney

Fried chicken on green beans with pickled papaya. Shutterstock

Chop the onion and garlic, put them in a mortar with salt and after crushing, put the mixture in the pan with the oil. While it is boiling, add the apple and pear pieces and add some pepper. Repeat this last step with the papaya later. you can seasonal chutney with ginger, brown sugar, soy sauce, vinegar, lemon juice, paprika or parsley. Meanwhile, chop and boil the beans, fry very small slices of ham and do the same with the chicken previously dipped in flour and eggs. When everything is ready, serve the beans at the bottom of the plate, put the chicken on top, add some nuts or raisins and coat everything with chutney.

3- Papaya and pear meatballs

Papaya dumplings. Shutterstock

Prepare the cream by mashing some almonds with pre-cooked papaya and pear. Turn on the oven at 190ÂșC and arrange the dough for empanadillas in squares while preheating, papaya and pear cream and also place a slice of ham (which you may or may not have fried before). Shape, seal the edges with a fork and bake for about 15 minutes.

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