Johnson warns: Ukrainians coming to Britain illegally could be deported to Rwanda

british prime minister, Boris Johnsonwarned about what happened. Ukrainians those who come to the country illegally can be deported and sent to the country. Rwanda He is in a full discussion about the agreement between the two countries, which also faced the rejection of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).

Johnson It had previously been announced that citizens of Ukraine would not be affected. By agreement that in principle allowed the British authorities to send asylum seekers crossing the English Channel to the African country.

“The only condition under which asylum seekers can be sent to Rwanda isa, if they come from the UK illegal way, which undermines the security and legal avenues we have. “We issue about 130,000 visas to Ukrainians and they have at least two good routes to get to the country,” he said.

But he explained, “If they come illegally, they’ll smash all those who do it legally”, so, “They can be deported in theory”. “In any event, I think it’s very unlikely,” he said, according to information from The Guardian.

Johnson traveled to Rwanda on Thursday, where he met with the country’s officials and urged NATO and G7 nations to avoid agreeing on a “bad peace” for Ukraine. In this sense, he explained that it was important that the end of the war did not mean that Ukraine “handed over its territory” to Russia.

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