Aragon TV premieres ‘Holy Week in every sense’ this Wednesday

Aragon TV premieres this Wednesday (21:45) In every sense, Holy Week is a sensory adventure as you wander through the community and learn about the work. curiosities of different fraternities.

During five episodesThe program was prepared by Comunicación y Medios de Aragón, producer of Prensa Ibérica. Publishing company of El Periódico de Aragon– will examine the subject in depth Aragonese Holy Week traditions with the senses as a common subject. Thus the program series is divided andn smell, hearing, sight, touch and taste.

Every Wednesday, in the program directed by Daniel Latorre and written by Javier Fajarnés, endless wealth aromas, sights, tastes, textures and The sounds of Passion Week. With thoughtful presentation, Nacho Rubio will be the host to guide viewers through the process. all the details and curiosities of this celebration. In each destination you will speak with experts and brothers who will open the doors of the senses for you to know, discover and intensely enjoy. The emotions conveyed by the Aragonese Holy Week.

Steps, banners, incense and habits; but also traditional recipes and flower decorations; and of course the sound of drums and bass drums, trumpets, rattles and rattles will fill the screen.

The first program of this Wednesday is dedicated to smell. Flowers and incense fill the streets with ornate steps and burning cauldrons. Between tufts of smoke and floral centers They will reveal the work of siblings, florists and fragrance creators. They will know the meaning of its usage flowers and plants in fellowships, In Zaragoza and Barbastro, they will venture into the countryside to experience the Passion of Christ at the Drama of the Cross of Alcorisa.

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