Scientists found that global warming threatens fisheries 15:07

Japanese scientists from the University of Tokyo found a relationship between the warming of the world’s oceans and the weight of fish caught. It turned out that the average mass of individuals began to decrease due to the changing climate. The study was published in the scientific journal magazine Fish and Fisheries (FAF).

Observations showed that the Japanese sardine and mullet population has increased moderately since 2010, but the fish have become smaller.

“We examined 17 fish populations from 13 species and found that the weight of many of them decreased during this period,” said Professor Shinichi Ito from the Institute of Atmospheric and Oceanic Research at the University of Tokyo.

The results revealed two periods of decline in fish body weight: first in the 1980s and then in the 2010s. The team attributed the decline in weight in the 1980s to an increase in Japanese sardines; this likely led to increased competition for food within and between fish species.

“As the temperature increases, the upper layer of the ocean becomes more stratified, and previous studies have shown that large plankton are replaced by smaller plankton and less nutritious gelatinous species such as jellyfish,” Professor Ito said.

Governments and the fishing industry must consider the impacts of a changing climate to protect food security, scientists have warned.

Previous researchers to create It’s a way to protect whales without harming fisheries.

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