Somnologist listed four reasons for the development of insomnia Somnologist Zavalko: four reasons can lead to the development of insomnia 12:33

Insomnia can be triggered by obstructive apnea syndrome, restless legs syndrome, anxiety-depressive conditions and stress, Irina Zavalko, co-author of the first European guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of insomnia, neurologist-somnologist at the Neurological Scientific Center, told

“Apnea syndrome is a sleep disorder accompanied by paused breathing attacks lasting at least 10 seconds. It can disrupt normal sleep physiology, causing sleep to become fragmented, shallow and disturbed. In particularly severe cases, this can lead to the development of insomnia. For example, if a person wakes up at night feeling suffocated, he may not be able to sleep for a long time, restless thoughts may appear, and then insomnia may develop,” Zavalko explained.

Restless legs syndrome, which is characterized by unpleasant sensations that occur in the lower extremities before going to bed, can also trigger the development of insomnia.

“As the discomfort decreases with active movements, patients are forced to either walk or move only their legs in bed, which disrupts sleep. The person does not get enough sleep, which leads to absent-mindedness, decreased concentration, general weakness, fatigue and irritability. But in both the first and second cases, insomnia occurs as a result of other problems,” said the somnologist.

Insomnia may also be caused by anxiety or depression. But the most common trigger for insomnia is stress, according to Zavalko.

“With stress, excitement and anxiety, a person may have difficulty falling asleep or wake up in the middle of the night and not be able to sleep again. “There is also the worry that you will not be able to sleep and that tomorrow’s day will be ruined by lack of sleep,” the expert concluded.

Read more about what happens to the brain during sleep, whether sleep mechanisms are disrupted during insomnia, whether it’s worth getting tested for insomnia, and how music and a weighted blanket can help you fall asleep – in report Zavalko “”.

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