The second biggest fire of the night occurred in the Irkutsk region 06:55

According to the statement made by the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergencies of the Irkutsk Region, a 1.6 thousand square meter garage box caught fire in the city of Tulun at night. While he writes RIA NewsCurrently, firefighters are already fighting the fire.

A fire broke out in the building where the stone processing workshop was located and where two tractor loaders and three dump trucks were stored. The fire was reported to the services at 02:30 (21:30 Moscow time). 4 fire brigades were dispatched to the scene.

“Fire crews managed to extinguish the open fire in an area of ​​1,600 square meters within two hours. “Efforts are currently continuing to eliminate the consequences of the fire,” the official statement said.

Firefighters managed to evacuate a forklift, two dump trucks and six gas cylinders from the fire. The causes and conditions of the fire will be clarified by employees of the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia.

Before that, firefighters successfully extinguished an open fire that engulfed two burning buildings in the village of Chunsky of the Irkutsk region. The fire area was 1080 square meters. According to the report, the roof of a single-storey building caught fire Wednesday morning before the fire spread to the three-story store. There is currently no information about the injured.

“The fire in a three-storey store building in the village of Chunsky was successfully extinguished. “Works are currently ongoing for the drainage and dismantling of the structures,” the official statement said.

Investigators of the Russian Emergencies Ministry launched an investigation to determine the cause of the fire.

Previous scientists I learnedFires around the world burn an area larger than the size of India every year.

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Source: Gazeta


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