They’re seeking a four-year prison sentence for a palm old man for mistreating and abusing his disabled brother.

A man sitting in the defendant’s chair with a thick cane in his hand 76 year old man de Palma is born this Thursday with his two children and ex-wife. series of ill-treatment, humiliation and threats against his own brother for almost ten years profound intellectual disability. Prosecutor for him four years in prison. “It was a daily degrading treatment. He insulted, hit him with a stick, put a cloth over him without humiliation. One day he threw him on the bed and tied his hands with the reins. put it again a knife in your stomach In order not to get up,” the family said. The injured party, having serious difficulty in declaring it, approved these events. “I don’t even want to remember,” she said. The suspect admitted to some of these behaviors, but he anchored and He denied that his intention was to harm his brother.

The events took place in the family’s home. Alcúdia between 2009 and 2017The old man had to leave the house when the children complained to the Civil Guard. “I grew up in a toxic environment. It was a situation we normalized, so we didn’t report it earlier”, declared one of the sons of the accused at the hearing held yesterday in a criminal court in Palma. This witness explained that they had all been mistreated by their fathers, but the situation was particularly serious in the case of his uncle. “He was more restrained outside, but at home… These were daily humiliations. She called him simple, hit him with an olive stick, put on diapers to humiliate him, even though he did not need it. My uncle lived through monstrous stress”The suspect’s son explained.

The girl also blamed the old man. “It was a humiliating daily treatment with both my uncle and us. We’ve lived with it our whole lives.” He described the woman detailing several humiliating incidents against the defendant’s own brother. “He beat her in the tub with a stick. One day he laid her on the bed, tied her hands with a cable tie, and began to explain everything. Another time he put a knife in front of my little girl so that her belly wouldn’t rise from the couch.”, counted. “My uncle was very nervous about these events. If you talk to him about him, he will panic.“, added.

The old man’s ex-wife also participated in these accusations. “He was always very domineering towards everyone. I always looked at his brother, he always insulted him”The woman, who said she witnessed the knife incident, punished her by saying, “There are so many things I don’t even want to remember.”

The victim, with great difficulty, made a statement behind a curtain in order not to see the accused due to his severe disability. “She made fun of me, said I was useless, took a cold shower and pointed the stick at me to annoy me. One day she held a knife to me. It was nonsense that I didn’t want to remember.”

suspicious recognized at trial in some episodes attributed to him by his relatives, but denied that his intention was to mistreat or humiliate his brother. He also attributed the complaint against his relatives to wanting to keep their property.

Prosecutor wanted jail sentence for him Four years in prison for threatening with a dangerous tool and making it a habit. In his conclusions, he assured “there is no doubt” that he exposed the victim to a crime. “degrading, degrading, humiliating and degrading treatment”. His lawyer requested acquittal and stated that the complaint was “falsely motivated”.

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