Ukrainian army detected a UFO 04:54

The Ukrainian military reported UFO sightings in February. The British newspaper Daily Mail wrote about this, citing a recording made by the 406th battalion of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

“An absolutely silent, disk-shaped UFO was recorded on camera by the Ukrainian military,” the publication says. It was noted that the object was detected above the conflict zone.

According to the newspaper, the recording was made using DJI’s Mavic drone. A DJI representative told the publication that the company could not disclose the nature of the object recorded by the Ukrainian military, but acknowledged that it could be due to technical issues.

“We noticed an error in the video recording,” he added. However, he did not specify the technical defect.

In the US Congress in January accepted Bill to declassify UFO documents. According to the law adopted after extensive discussions, it is possible to publish documents related to “unidentified abnormal events, technologies of unknown origin and non-human intelligence” from the last 25 years.

The law also gives the American president the right to declassify certain materials for national security reasons.

Previously in Poland stated about a black UFO exiting the country’s airspace.

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Source: Gazeta


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