Scientists revealed how poor humanity would be without Antarctica 22:28

An international group of scientists from the United Kingdom and New Zealand has calculated the economic benefits people reap each year by exploiting the resources of Antarctica and the surrounding Southern Ocean. The study was published in the scientific journal magazine Nature Reviews Earth and Environment (NREE).

The icy continent is estimated to make humanity $180 billion richer every year. This includes revenues from the tourism ($820 million) and fishing ($370 million) industries, but much of it comes from ecosystem services (carbon absorption and storage, sea level regulation, and reflection of solar energy.
These processes help regulate the climate on Earth and save humanity from some costs.

Scientists have warned that its ecosystems will undergo global changes as the Southern Ocean warms and acidifies. This will reduce the benefits provided by the Antarctic region.

The researchers called for an update to the international Antarctic Treaty, adopted in 1959. At the time of its preparation, the document did not take climate threats into account and therefore needs to be adjusted to meet current realities.

Previous scientists he scored An alarm has been raised due to the rapid melting of Antarctica’s ice shelves.

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