Neuroscientists find that orgasm can improve the brain 19:57

Canadian scientists from Concordia University have discovered that orgasm can rebuild the structure of the brain and increase the number of connections between brain areas. The study was published in the scientific journal magazine eLife.

The experts’ conclusions are based on an experiment involving 200 field mice. Neuroscientists have monitored rodents’ brain signals during mating using a variety of imaging techniques. Voles were chosen for the experiments due to the fact that these animals can form monogamous pairs for long periods of time.

Observations have shown that during sex there is activation in 68 different regions of the brain, which can be grouped into seven major circuits. This process involves the entire coordinated brain network.

Scientists have found that men who experience orgasm regularly increase the number of connections in areas of the brain associated with pleasure and reward. This may indicate that orgasm improves cognitive function and memory.

The researchers noted that the results obtained in voles do not necessarily apply to humans. But this study could help understand the neural mechanisms involved in orgasm and lead to the discovery of new treatments for mental disorders.

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