Scientists have developed an innovative approach to treat blood cancer Blood: A special antibody can suppress cancer stem cells in leukemia 14:24

Scientists from City of Hope, a major cancer research and treatment organization in the United States, have created a special antibody that can suppress cancer stem cells and prevent the development of leukemia. The results of their research shared In Blood magazine.

Researchers sought to develop a new, safe and effective approach to treating leukemia, also known as blood cancer. This is a malignant disease in which large numbers of abnormal leukocytes (white blood cells) enter the blood. Defective white blood cells cannot protect the body from infections. In addition, their accumulation in various tissues causes malfunctions in organs and systems.

Scientists explained that a substance called immune interferon type II (IFNy) normally suppresses the ability of leukemia stem cells to divide. But sometimes IFNγ mistakenly stimulates the body to produce a specific protein called CD38 that prevents immune cells from responding to infection. To counteract this ability, scientists have developed a special antibody that “nudges” the immune system to selectively destroy cancer stem cells.

In the early stages of leukemia, abnormal blood cells called blasts form in the bone marrow. They have the ability to divide rapidly but are also vulnerable to attacks by the immune system. Stem cells, another type of cancer cell, are resistant to treatment. An experiment in mice showed that the new antibody could help destroy both immature, dormant cancer stem cells and active cells.

According to scientists, suppressing stem cells in leukemia can reduce or even eliminate the risk of recurrence of the disease. However, before testing a new treatment method on volunteers, some additional studies need to be done.

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