Crisis in Ecuador does not provide ceasefire: indigenous movement continues its protests

this political crisis Ecuador no ceasefire expected. Minister Guillermo Lasso agrees to dialogue with indigenous movement Mobilized in Quito and other parts of the country for 11 days. aspect The Ecuadorian Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities (Conaie) calls for the state of exception to be repealed and the Government refuses to do so for the time being, all the same or worse, because protest is spreading like scarcity and fear of consequences that jeopardize the institutional framework.

In the capital, thousands again shouted, “Lasso out!” Hugo pepper spray and bullfights before every police action. “A government will remain in clinical death with less than 20% support. If Lasso had some responsibility and patriotism, he would have taken this position into account with Article 148 of the Constitution. Since he won’t, we’ll have to. collect signatures to recall“, said the former president from Belgian exile Rafael Correa, hopes to be heard by his supporters in parliament.

Congress president Virgilio Saquicela had to respond: “we we believe in the rule of lawwe believe in democracy and we are democrats, starting from the fact that the president is the product of this popular vote and therefore must fulfill his duty, we have no doubt about it; No other scenarios or possibilities were considered, at least in the National Assembly.” However, Saquicela said “social turmoil‘ and there was no ‘capacity for dialogue between parties in conflict’ to find a consensual solution to the crisis.

this Conaie’s list of demands is in the programmatic antipodes of a right-wing government like Lasso’s.has been on the job for 13 months. On the one hand, they demand a reduction in fuel prices, which ignited the protests, as in 2019. In turn, state support to farmers, peasants, transporters, fishermen, measures of economic assistance for more than four million families and the possibility of renegotiating the debts of a large part of the population to public, private and public banks, cooperatives are required. But in addition, Conaie requests “affordable prices“For products such as milk, rice, bananas, onions, fertilizers, potatoes, maize and tomatoes. They are strongly opposed to Ecuador’s signing free trade agreements that affect national production and the Government advancing its mining and oil company policy for damage caused to the environment.

Lasso caught in covid-19 in the middle of the crisis, Heard of timid caceroleos to support his position in Quito. The main newspapers in the country turned in favor of the Government. “Dialogue is something absolutely necessary in the country right now to end the national strike that has particularly hurt many Ecuadorians who want to overcome the economic and social crisis,” the Baskent newspaper said. Trade. The publication asked Conaie to make concessions to “protect the lives of Ecuadorians” and protect the economy.

On your own behalf UniverseHe urged Guayaquil to reiterate the offer of 300 non-governmental organizations that offered to provide Conaie the conditions to carry out the dialogue. Leonidas Iza’s response was to “insist on meeting the demands of his movement and ignore the effects caused by the 17 million citizens who need the peace of mind to live, study, work and contribute to Ecuador’s development. save the pandemic and the tail end of Russia’s armed invasion of Ukraine“.

Source: Informacion


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