The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation announced the cause of the accident with the Il-76 in the Ryazan region.

An engine failure caused the Il-76 military transport aircraft to make a hard landing in the Ryazan region. TASSWith reference to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

“During a no-cargo training flight, the crew decided to land due to a detected engine failure,” the Department of Defense said.

The ministry added that the plane was partially destroyed upon contact with the ground. Those injured in the accident were taken to hospital.

Previously reportedIt was announced that the plane made a hard landing in Ryazan. It is known that there were nine people on the plane, including the crew. A fire broke out at the accident site. according to information TASS As a result, two people were killed and five injured. Social media sources mention three people.

Social media sources said: TASSIt was learned that the fire at the scene of the accident was extinguished.

Source: Gazeta


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