Forecasters predicted hurricane winds in the Kuril Islands 08:09

Forecasters expect hurricane winds of up to 40 m/s in the Kuril Islands on February 28-29. These data are published by the portal

Wind speeds will reach their maximum values ​​on Rasshua, Matua and other small islands. At the same time, on the larger islands of the Urup and Iturup ridges the wind speed will be lower (up to 30 m/s). Snowfall is expected in the region, where the temperature will vary between -1 and -5°C during the day. According to forecasters, the stormy weather will stop on March 1 but will start again on March 2.

Before that, Ebeko volcano in the Kuril Islands threw Ash to a height of 3.5 km.

“The Institute of Geology and Geology of the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences received information from the island group for rapid response to volcanic eruptions that ash emission occurred at the Ebeko volcano up to an altitude of 3.5 kilometers.” The Ministry of Emergencies reported.

It was noted that the smoke from the explosion spread more than 5 km towards the southeast.

There was previously a bear on the Kuril Islands stole A bowl of soup from the tourist camp.

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Source: Gazeta


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