Manturov announced that electronic warfare systems have been adapted to vehicles 22:46

Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation and Head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov spoke to the Rossiya 1 TV channel about the development of detection tools as part of electronic warfare (EW) systems.

Stating that these tools are evolving towards miniaturization and adaptation for use on mobile platforms, he writes: RT.

“This discovery includes [называется] “Electronic warfare” – today it is being compressed as much as possible: moving from large detection and location equipment to compact, fast-moving structures and equipment,” the minister said.

in february reportedIt was stated that the Russian army started using unmanned aerial vehicles that “cheat” electronic warfare systems.

Before that, employees of Ruselectronics holding developed A new complex for suppressing drones called “clean”.

The new device consists of a portable and small case. Moreover, its weight does not exceed eight kilograms. One of the features of “Chistyulya” is the possibility of remote control.

Previously in Russia was created new drone suppression system.

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Source: Gazeta


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