Physiotherapist says slouching does not cause back pain Daily Mail: There is no evidence of a link between back pain and slouching at 10.45pm.

Physiotherapist Chris McCarthy, from the University of Manchester, has debunked the myth about the link between back pain and slouching. According to him, the cause of back and neck pain is mostly due to stress or injuries sustained during physical activity. In this respect reports Daily mail.

The doctor explained that the human spine is flexible and can adapt to a wide range of loads, such as weightlifting and aerial dancing. According to McCarthy, rounding the back cannot damage the vertebrae and subsequently cause back pain.

The therapist noted that numerous studies have not proven that people who slouch are more likely to suffer from back or neck pain compared to those who are used to keeping their backs straight. Unpleasant sensations in the back and neck may occur due to stress, prolonged tension and mechanical damage.

Additionally, sitting for long periods of time does not pose any risk to your back health. To reduce stress and increase productivity, people who work in physically inactive jobs can take regular walking or stretching breaks, McCarthy added.

Previously AppearedYoga can reduce the severity of back pain by half.

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