St. A young man was found urinating on the Bronze Horseman in St. Petersburg 20:06

A St. A resident of St. Petersburg was detained for desecrating a monument on Senate Square. This was reported by control Ministry of Internal Affairs for the region.

After a publication on social networks, law enforcement drew attention to the young man. The footage shows the young man standing with his back to the Bronze Horseman monument.

After the broadcast, the police detained a 17-year-old resident of the Vyborg district of the city. The young man is in the department.

The young man at a meeting with journalists reportedHe said that he did not want to insult the monument and that he was “making fun of his friend” in the video.

“I respect Peter. “This was a parody, just a staged video,” shared St. Petersburg resident.

According to the young man, he did not think that the images would appear on social networks, as they were only intended for a friend.

Previously in China detained A tourist urinates on a giant Buddha statue.

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Source: Gazeta


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