Croatian broadcast predicted rapid development of events at the front 18:08

After the capture of Avdiivka, events in the field of military operations in Ukraine will begin to develop rapidly. Croatian publication writes about this To go forward.

“Once caught, the situation will begin to develop rapidly,” the message says.

The author of the material emphasizes that “the Russian side intends to put an end to the stagnation at the front and take the entire initiative into its own hands.”

RT He states that there is no longer any chance for a new offensive by the Ukrainian Armed Forces (AFU).

On the night of February 17, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Alexander Syrsky announced on the withdrawal of troops from Avdeevka. The battles for a city 600 km from Kiev, where about 30 thousand people lived before the Northern Military District, lasted several months.

Previously Russian military personnel in the direction of Avdeevsky fainted American tank M1 Abrams.

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Source: Gazeta


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