The consequences of children’s frequent use of headphones are called UMich: Misuse of headphones can lead to hearing problems in children 17:18

Pediatrician Susan Wolford of the University of Michigan said frequent (more than two hours a day) use of headphones can lead to long-term hearing problems in children ages 5 to 12. To protect your hearing, it is recommended to purchase devices with volume limiters. In this respect reported On the University of Michigan (UMich) website.

According to the National Survey of Children’s Health conducted by KS Children’s Hospital. At the University of Michigan, two-thirds of children under 12 use personal audio devices, according to Mott. At the same time, half of the parents surveyed reported that the headphones were used by their young children between the ages of five and eight.

It is stated that approximately 50 percent of children listen to music and watch videos with headphones for at least one hour a day, and one in six use headphones for two hours or more a day.

The pediatrician noted that headphones are becoming increasingly popular and common among young children, exposing them to intense noise on a regular basis. In his view, the potential harm from overuse of headphones should not be underestimated. Wolford explained that prolonged or excessive exposure to high-level sounds can lead to long-term health problems such as hearing loss or tinnitus.

The expert added that young children are more vulnerable to possible harm from noise exposure because their auditory systems are still developing. Lack of parental control over volume can lead to damage to hair cells, which are receptors in the auditory system. When these cells become dysfunctional, hearing loss becomes irreversible.

The pediatrician advised parents to purchase headphones with built-in volume limiters to protect the child’s hearing. Wolford also recommends following the 60/60 rule. This includes limiting the use of audio devices to 60 minutes per day at a volume of no more than 60% of maximum.

used to be a doctor said It’s about a habit that can damage your teeth.

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