The State Duma supported the decision to reduce social studies hours at school 16:55

It is the right decision to reduce social studies lesson hours in schools and redistribute lesson hours in favor of history. About this radio station “Moscow speaks” said Oleg Smolin, first deputy chairman of the science and higher education committee of the lower house of parliament.

“6. There is no point in teaching social studies from grade one. I don’t see the point of teaching children, for example, about the social stratification of modern society in 8th grade and then in high school. “Children need to know some special materials,” he said.

Smolin did not see the need for an exam in the 9th grade on this subject.

“I wouldn’t do the OGE in the social studies class in the 9th grade, but the solutions should be systematic,” the politician added.

Before that, the Ministry of Education of Russia suggested Starting from 2025, social studies will be taught in grades 6-8. should be removed from the grade syllabus, leaving ninth grade with only one lesson per week.

Previously, the new social studies textbook he will be ready Until September.

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Source: Gazeta


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