The creator of BBC’s ‘Ministry of Time’ program reacted to plagiarism accusations: “Unfortunate coincidence”

Discussions continue ‘Ministry of Time’. The new series, adapted from the British author’s upcoming novel of the same name, is being prepared by the BBC. Kaliane Bradleyaccused of plagiarism ‘Ministry of Time’ From TVE. In addition to agreeing on the title, The official summary inevitably reminds of the fiction created by Javier Olivares.

Following the uproar, Bradley responded to the accusations through his representation agency. “My first novel is an original work of fiction. I have never seen the Spanish television series and it is an unfortunate coincidence that they have the same names.”This is what they say in testimonies collected by El Confidencial.

It should be noted that the title is not the only coincidence about Spanish fiction. Last week the BBC detailed the plot of its new production, which is very similar to the original, in a press release: “A newly created government department is bringing together ‘expatriates’ throughout history in an experiment to test the feasibility of time travel.”

After learning about the launch of this project, the reactions were immediate. “Without cutting a single hair,” Javier Olivares wrote on his social networks, recalling the case of the American ‘Beyond Time’ seven years ago: “The fact that NBC (legal agreement, this is not an opinion) and BBC (same title and idea) plagiarized you shows how badly we did not do this with the Ministry of Time. TVE and it would be nice if someone in the public legacy was proud of acting.

TVE expressed its intention not to remain idle as follows: “RTVE will seek clarification from the BBC regarding its announcement, without prejudice to its rights to defend its interests.”. “Neither RTVE nor the production company of ‘El Ministerio del Tiempo’ has granted the BBC or its production companies any license for the adaptation,” the public body stressed.

Source: Informacion


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