Ford cuts Erte days in vehicle and engine operations after electricity award to Almussafes

Although tensions remain in the supply chain due to the component crisis, Ford reduced the days on the temporary employment regulation dossier (Postponement) for both vehicle and engine operations, just a few hours after the permit was granted. Platform for the electrification of Almussafes.

Specifically, as reported by the Corporate Committee in a statement this morning, It will take place “in both shifts and systems” on Monday, June 27, thereby eliminating the strike. And you won’t be the only one in engine operations, the multinational has eliminated the stoppages scheduled for assembly today and shifted the scheduled shutdowns at the plant for next Monday and Tuesday to July 7 and 18.. In addition, the withholding tax for Thursday, June 30 and Friday, July 1, will be evaluated in the coming days.

Regarding processing, oval sign canceled days delay scheduled for next weekend (25 and 26 June).

A “communication error” in the engines

Beyond these changes, the statement states that the social representation of the Valencia factory has increased. “A complaint about what happened at the engine plant yesterday that those affected by the change were notified less than 24 hours before this commission was called.” In this sense, the text stated that the multinational company apologized and pointed out that there was a “communication error” while the electrification announcement was made.

Source: Informacion


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