How much will we spend on 2022 sales?

half of the Spaniards will buy an average of six to seven products in summer sales and will dedicate your budget for these purchases is between 80 and 100 euros, According to data from consulting firm Kantar.

These amounts are close Payment made in 2019 summer salesCompared to 77.35 euros in 2021, where the average cost per buyer was 80.26 euros.

According to an expert from Counseling, moments inflationist flow “Being able to save money by buying cheaper can be a good opportunity for consumers who want to refresh certain clothes or take the opportunity to buy basic wardrobe items.”

But, and according to the report, until the pandemic hit, the percentage of clothes purchased at some sort of discount was around 45 percent, although it fell to 35.5 percent last year.

Another result is that the patterns Buying fashion items from the Spaniards “It has changed dramatically in recent years.”

consumer due to his confinement in 2020 “began to change their buying habits” and somehow more logical, According to the analysis, stop looking for the clothes you need when you need them, discounted when you need them, without waiting for the official sale period.

Source: Informacion


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