Three detainees jailed for kidnapping of a freed Russian couple in El Campello

this Order Court No. 3 of AlicanteActing as a guard, he gave the order to enter. three-person prison Arrested for kidnapping a couple in Russia PAU 5 between San Juan beach and was released by the El Campello Local Police after the victims’ lawyer disclosed the facts. The Civil Guard continues to search for the alleged planner of the illegal arrest, as well as one of the material authors of the kidnapping who escaped and was not arrested, as initially reported by different sources close to the case.

Of the three who went to Alicante prison font warming up According to sources close to the case, there is a former civil bodyguard who is now working as a private detective and admits that he was hired to find the Russian couple, not knowing that the purpose was their kidnapping. A Russian woman was also imprisoned, who claimed she had been hired as an interpreter for Spanish detainees. The third detainee claims to be the driver only.

The case was declared confidential by the court and although it relates to the abduction, not many details are known about the circumstances of the abduction. cryptocurrencies.

As originally stated by Russian computer technician Specializing in cryptocurrency management, they wanted to steal the keys of these virtual currencies in order to seize large sums of money.

The jailer’s court ordered three detainees to enter the prison late Wednesday night. The three people imprisoned are a Spaniard who blocked the car. El Campello Local Police a Russian citizen and private detective who does not have a professional office in the state, performing the functions of “translator” last Sunday afternoon.

The other kidnapper, who was in the car, fled on foot when he suspected that the Russian man, who had gone alone to a friend’s house to get the key to the cryptocurrencies, had informed the Police.

And he was right, the man contacted his lawyer to report that he and his wife were abducted. The lawyer called 112. and the swift response of the El Campello Local Police soon made it possible to locate the couple’s car, in which two of the three detainees were traveling, and the released Russian woman sitting in the back seat, who showed the agents it was her. clamped with flanges.

The couple were abducted shortly after six o’clock on Sunday afternoon in the PAU 5 area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAlicante on the coast of San Juan, this newspaper reports.

Victims reported that they were approached by some people in the garage of an urbanization at PAU 5. identified themselves as police and they were shown some police badges.

Two rogue agents of Spanish nationality demanded that they give up their cell phones and forced them to get into their vehicle. in addition to the two men a Russian woman translating and they told them they wanted the Russian citizen’s keys to have access to a virtual cryptocurrency wallet. The man led them to a friend’s house in El Campello, and when he was looking for an opportunity to sound the alarm, he went it alone under the pretext of getting the access code to the cryptocurrencies. One kidnapper, suspecting that something was wrong, fled on foot, and the other two who were with the Russian woman were arrested, leaving them in the car. Later, the private detective was arrested Alicante.

Source: Informacion


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