‘Promises in Paris’: viral power load

Manager: Thomas Kruithoff

interpreters: Isabelle Huppert, Reda Kateb, Naidra Ayadi, Soufiane Guerrab

Year: 2021

premiere: 24 June 2022


French director Thomas Kruithof continues to explore the ins and outs of the political power he assumed in his second feature film ‘Promises in Paris’, ‘The Witness’ (2016). extortion, sarcastic diplomacy and backstabbing levels of ambition that make up the daily life of our leaders and that could destroy even the most respected public figure. To do so, he finds the mayor of a poor town near the French capital to threaten his integrity and commitment to the immediate needs of his neighbors when he finds himself threatened in the latter part of his career. Attractive with the possibility of continuing his ministry.

tension zone

As the film enacts a series of alliances and betrayals, it abandons its protagonist’s psychological examination to enter the territory of the “suspense”, and that means the film works halfway and like the other. Meanwhile, both Kruithof’s rigor in focusing his attention on the professional side of his protagonists and the abundant political jargon he uses for seasons keep the film away from traditional drama. None of this, in any case, can prevent it from putting us in a state of constant tension, as we think. contradictions, misery and intriguesWhile trying to find a ground between idealism and cynicism, it does not make us feel the imbalance that his characters experience.

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