These are Pikolinos recipes to deal with inflation

At Pikolinos, things never happen by chance. Years ago, the shoe manufacturer from Elche, Kaizen philosophy Continuous improvement and, if necessary, by constantly analyzing all possible scenarios, to make all kinds of decisions with agility when necessary. And when they do it again, once first blow of the pandemicthemselves like other companies. cost increase generalized, which threatens to impede the recovery of business.

At that time, the company decided to take advantage of its good financial situation to advance the purchase of main raw materials as far as possible. skin they produce their shoes and they have a extraordinary request it will at least allow them to breathe easily during this time next year and a half. This was announced by the vice president of Pikolinos, Rosana Peranduring this Thursday participation in the cycle “Inspiring stories”organizer, Sabadell Companies Headquartersand analyzed the evolution of the family group with the bank’s Eastern Regional Business Network manager, David Gomez.

“This order allowed us to have zero exchange rate impact and also the price we got was even. better than what we paid Before October”, the president of the Spanish Footwear Manufacturers Federation (FICE) also explained.

Alongside this acquisition advance, the company also benefited from a recruitment policy. annual flat rate on electricity supplyThis also protected them from rising energy prices and gave them time to improve aspects such as solar energy consumption, but also learn to “negotiate” As he stated, tariffs with electricity companies. Thus, although the current contract will expire next week, they managed to close a new deal, which, according to the manager, will minimize the increase.

Rosana Perán with her father Juan Perán and Sabadell executives. Information

Along the same lines, Perán shared with the participants other measures that contribute to the company’s cost control. Artificial intelligence for automate vertical storage of rack space After Pikokaizen confirms that this activity is the one that consumes 60% of the production process’s time. Thanks to automation, they have managed to reduce this significantly so they can now deliver replacement orders, produce them practically on demand, without needing to have too many items in stock. “No matter how fast we are, less risk that we will have to fill tanks” stated his directive.


On the other hand, Rosana Perán also explained how the company is managed. predicting the arrival of covid in spain, and got all its crews ready for telework ahead of the incarceration order. In his case, as he recounted, they were aware of the situation, after chinese new yearOn January 23, workers of its suppliers in this country did not return to their duties due to the measures taken by Beijing to stop the pandemic and had to close 150 stores there. “That’s where we start making decisions,” he assured.

But what definitely moved them was when the head of the firm, Juan Manuel Perán, returned from the Milan fair. “a little constipated” and covid test was positive. Then, after reading an article, they bet on it. “Protect everyone in the value chain” and send them home to work. In this way, when the Government decided to quarantine, Pikolinos made all its employees in the management area ready to carry out their tasks remotely, which allowed the company to continue working. “We knew we were in bad shape financially, we had a piggy bank that we had to put up with,” she recalls.

Thus, despite the decrease in turnover from around 129 million Euros to 85 million Euros, the firm has resisted healthily and retracted its plans to continue, for example, with the expansion of its own stores that have already added it. 55 establishments. In this context, and to questions from event attendees at Sabadell Business Hub, Rosana Perán admitted that her decision to initially open her own business aroused suspicion among some of her clients; The fact that the brand is in one square manages to increase the sales of all of them, he confirms.


On the other hand, Pikolinos’ vice president announced that the company will launch a plan in September so that workers who retire or retire early in the manufacturing field can train new employees. It’s a measure the company wants to alleviate the specialized workforce shortage that the industry is suffering from.

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