Owners of rural tourism businesses promote a heritage claim

organizations Rural tourism in the Sierra de la Culebra and Tera Valley come together to create affected platform By the fire of the Sierra de la Culebra courts and send a “paternity claim for the loss of profit” against Castilla and Leon meetingexplains its organizer, whose owner is a lawyer Valrojo’s Haystack, Eduardo Portela Fernandez, city ​​clerk inside Pontevedra Y State Administration Attorney.

The argument on which the legal action will be based, Responsibility of the Ministry Environment with “gross negligence”and secondarily directed against the Board. Portela Fernández, who is also “the usufruct of big game hunting rights”, Junquera Y Tera Mile“The future of rural tourism in the La Culebra region is as black as the ash that covers it.” 15 June in La Culebra “As it exploded on Wednesday and burned uncontrollably until Thursday, it falls within the realm of gross negligence.. The firefighting operation was carried out with at least 2 crews, a motor pump and 2 helicopters.”

“It spread into the interior of the reserve Thursday night and throughout Friday. Villardeciervos with the same vehicles in motion”. their bodies that day Portuguese firefighters “And especially on Friday night, we could see how they practically assumed tactical command of firefighting on Spanish soil, with the slogan of preventing the fire from reaching Portuguese territory. Montesino National Park”.

The lawyer pays special attention to the action of “many persons”. neighbors cooperating, guiding these firefighters kickback technique ingenious as we can see. They made it. They withdrew from the Villardeciervos area on Saturday morning and Tera River and revived by the wind in the afternoon, it managed to break through the barrier of the infrastructure. Bird and enter thousands of hectares of holm oak in Tera Valley terms”.

Source: Informacion


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