Sales start earlier and with 50% discount

this summer sales came a little earlier than usual and with the first discounts around 50% on average. The trade sector is experiencing moments of recovery this year and is faced with fears of new news that will lift buyers’ morale.

After the start of sales in applications and online, sales started in stores this Thursday. English Courtwithout historic races in opening doorslaunched a sales campaign with what he described as “too much humor and positivism” and featuring comedian Dani Martínez as the protagonist. Group Inditex Discounts started on the internet this wednesday, with independent strategies for each brand. The consumption pie is limited, and all fashion brands are trying to boost sales in the first days of discounts. As for stock levels, higher levels are felt compared to previous years as a result of supply made due to uncertainties in Asian shipments, partially supporting the preferences of fashion brands. more ‘deductible product’.

According to a study by the IEBS Digital School, Sales period of the year in which internet users spend the most. According to IEBS, around 20% of Spaniards spend more than 3,000 euros during sales, and nine out of 10 consumers say they will spend the same or more on online purchases as last year.

‘Nervous effect’

The biggest innovation in sales this year is the emergence of a particularly frightening competitor when it comes to price competition. pertaining to the chinese Shein with ultra-low prices it doesn’t leave much room for competition in terms of price, but with such narrow margins (average prices below 15 euros), large discounts cannot be expected. The discount percentage increases depending on the purchase volume (20% for purchases over 115 Euro). If it is perceived that Shein’s delivery times have been extended by around 13-15 days compared to a few months ago.

Since 2012, the current legislation allows each merchant from different industries to freely decide the sales season for sales, but since then the practice of launching discounts for preferential customers has spread between the last week of June and the first week of June. customer in general. This year, the discounts have gone a little furtheronly a few hours advanced in the case of the web compared to physical stores.

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