Germany raises alert level over gas shortage

this german government announced the alert in its contingency plan this Thursday. gasIt ensures the security of supply, given the reduced supply from Russia and the high prices.

“Gas is now a scarce resourceGreen Robert Habeck, Minister of Economy and Climate, added that while security of supply is now guaranteed, there is no need to rely on it. 58% level more crowded than last year.

However, Habeck said that the different scenarios designed by the Federal Network Agency, Current reduction of 60% Supply through the Nordstream 1 gas pipeline has put the country in a state of empty tanks in winter.

According to the European Union regulation, the alarm level is a interruption of gas supply or extremely high demand This causes the supply to deteriorate significantly. But at this level, the market is still able to meet this disruption or demand without the need for non-market-based measures. “Summer has come but winter will comeHabeck warned, emphasizing the need to act now to reach the colder months with full gas reservoirs.

He lamented the “neglect” of recent years that has put the country in this situation and does not refer not only to Russia’s energy dependence, but also to the pace of development of renewable energies. He assured the government that he would do it. everything possible to reduce the impact and ensuring security of supply.

this Now the priority is to fill the tanksHe said: “Searching for alternative gas sources, establishing the necessary infrastructure and reducing gas consumption, as well as accelerating the development of renewable energy sources.” He reminded that to reduce gas consumption in electricity generation, the government plans to resort to coal-fired power plants in the reserve, which it describes as a “bitter” measure for the climate, but is necessary to deal with the winter temporarily. .

He also cited Wednesday’s announcement: The government provided an initial €15,000m line of credit to fill deposits, as a gas auction model will be launched in the summer to encourage consumers to save industrial.

Habeck reiterated that Russia’s reduction in gas supplies since July 14 has been used by Russian President Vladimir Putin. “Weapon” against Germany to disrupt unity in Europesolidarity and readiness to support Ukraine.

The minister stated that the supply was guaranteed at that time, despite the early warning phase in effect as of March 30, which was announced as a preventive measure in the face of a possible escalation and Russia shutting down the supply. The early warning phase may be followed by the alert level and emergency level announced this Thursday.

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