Six people arrested from armed gang raiding state homes in Dolores

this National Police of the Alicante In Vega Baja, he dispersed an organized gang dedicated to violent attacks on homes and forced robberies using firearms. In the operation, six people were arrested, mostly in Dolores, and the Police seized numerous items for their illegal activities, including a Taser-type electrical device and five Molotov cocktail-type incendiary devices.

Arrested, one defended by the prosecution attorney Sara Cabezas Campos and some of them received military training in Eastern European countries, freedom two were arrested after being referred to the police and the rest to the courthouse. orihuela. The detainees are of Lithuanian, Bulgarian and Spanish nationality and are between the ages of 29 and 47.

The research was carried out by agencies. Specialized Crime Group Agents from the Alicante Judicial Police Brigade and Narcotics Group also participated.

The investigation started after the police teams release from prison a Bulgarian citizen who has a long-standing record of theft and is a Bulgarian citizen redovan. Investigators determined that it was allegedly trying to turn into a criminal organization again and continue its criminal activities, so secret monitoring and surveillance devices were put into use.

Items seized in the operation by the Alicante National Police.

In this way, they were able to identify all the alleged members of the organization, and also identified their house and a warehouse they used to store their tools and tools.

Investigations revealed that the gang was involved in an incident. Gunman attack on a chalet in Cañada del Fenollar in Alicante, They quickly fled after threatening the inhabitants with a gun. Likewise, they’re linked to an attempted robbery of a high-end vehicle in which they used firearms and attacked a couple. San Miguel de Salinas.

The investigation determined that the criminal group was in a position to commit “serious crimes against people” and that a large special police apparatus had been developed to arrest those involved. National Police agents arrested four alleged criminal organization members in the town of Dolores, near the garage they used as their base of operations.

The ship in question was searched and a large number of tools and items were found on board, including portable transmission equipment, six bulletproof vests, military helmets, stun guns, compressed air guns, gloves and balaclavas. positioning, large mallets, flanges and ties, an industrial vacuum packaging machine, a cash counter and other effects.

Likewise, they found five combustible devices. Molotov cocktail Homemade and ready-to-use, where the support of TEDAX experts (Expert Technician in Deactivation of Explosive Devices) is requested in order to intervene with maximum safety.

The National Police considers this gang of house burglars to be liquidated, whose members are accused of crimes belonging to a criminal organization, robbery by violence or intimidation, possession of illegal weapons and explosives, and wounding.

Source: Informacion


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