Ibex 35 wakes up 0.61% down and loses 8,100 integers

this IBEX 35 started the session this Thursday down 0.61%causing the selector to be in 8,095.9 integers It didn’t rule out the possibility of more surprises after this Wednesday, at 9:01 a.m. on a day when PMI indices will be released and US Federal Reserve (Fed) chairman Jerome Powell will reappear. inflation.

Therefore, the US central bankrestore stability Price:%s and control Given that the strength of the economy will allow for a more restrictive monetary policy, inflation is accompanied by further increases in interest rates.

Thus, after falling 1% this Wednesday, the Madrid selector started the session by holding on to the 8000 integer psychological level, with most of the values ​​red.

So, in the early stages of this Thursday’s session, biggest falls were made by Aena (-1.4%), Fluidra (-1.32%), BBVA (-1.09%), Inditex (-0.87%), Cellnex Telecom (-0.82%), Merlin Properties (- 0.82) and Iberdrola (-0.8%), while Acciona (+1.96), Solaria (+1.02) and Colonial (+0.54) on the opposite side.

The rest of European stock markets also opened lower for Frankfurt, Paris and London, down 0.5%.

Latter, The price of a barrel of Brent quality oil, which is a reference for the Old Continent, was at the level of 109 dollars.Down 1%, Texas held $104 after falling 1%.

Finally, the euro stood at 1.0566 ‘dollars’ against the dollar, while the Spanish risk premium was 105 basis points and the interest required for the ten-year bond was 2.687%.

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