Madrid’s pushback on liberalization of regasification plants does not convince Canarian Government partners

partners Government of the Canary Islands they still do not agree on the real intentions of the central government for possible employment.Gas installation on the islands. Two regulations on this subject, recently approved by the Cabinet and the House of Representatives, sparked a debate that was theoretically closed for ‘flower pact’ parties. Despite all being committed to renewable energies, progressing in decarbonisation, and closing the door to the gas route in the Canary Islands, the appearance of royal decrees on measures to mitigate the effects of the war has led to a push to lower the price of electricity in Ukraine and elsewhere. Struggle in regional administration on the horizon of a possible liberalization of regasification plants on the island territory.

Two of the regional government’s partners, the State, would take the initiative and have the final say on the possibility of the Canary Islands opening up to the gas market at a time when Madrid attaches utmost importance to the country’s capacity to liquefy gas. While the entire EU suffers from the supply cut decided by Putin in response to European sanctions imposed by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, it is from markets outside Russia. However, the PSOE, the majority partner of the regional agreement, assures that Pedro Sánchez’s ruler made it very clear in one of these royal decrees. “It will be the Canary Islands who will decide according to their energy planning. and its jurisdiction in this matter depends on whether it wishes to open up to the implementation of regasification plants on its territory”.

The source of the conflict is a royal injunction passed by Congress on April 28 to mitigate the effects of the war in Ukraine, which introduced a fourth final provision to liberalize gas in the Islands without prior notice from the Government. abolishing administrative authorityRegasification plants in the Canary archipelago, whose main use is to feed power generation plantsmay have secondary uses such as feeding ports and ships”. This provision The government was expressly rejected by all parties to the pact and a correction was requested from the State..

The central government and the Government of the Canary Islands agreed on a revision of this text which did not satisfy the two main partners at all. The theoretical retreat of the Ecological Transition Ministries, where the initiative began, took place on the so-called Iberian exception for r in Royal Decree approved in Congress on 9 June.electricity price regulation and to reduce the cost of this energy. In this regulation, an additional provision was introduced, stating that the measure of the previous decree on regasification plants in the Canary Islands was taken against the crisis due to the war in Ukraine, “It will be implemented in accordance with the energy transition goals and objectives set by the General State Administration for the Canary Islands and the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands.within its jurisdiction.

In the case of the anti-crisis ordinance passed by Congress but passed as a bill, the measure to liberalize regasification plants in the Islands could have been corrected by amendments. This is what NC intends to do by introducing a clause in which the controversial fourth additional provision is requested to be deleted. However, in the case of the decree law on the reduction of the price of electricity, which included the alleged fix for gas planting in the Canary Islands, No refund as invoice is not processed. That’s according to NC attorney Pedro Quevedo, “even though our pressure change was successful, the effect is zero, because there is already another approved decree that returns the problem to its original stateIn fact, the bill in which the NC presented the aforementioned amendment was politically blocked in Congress, with a permanent extension of the deadline for the submission of the amendments. “This will be on the table in negotiations with the Government and the Government of the Canary Islands. It will be an opportunity to return to the topic because we do not accept this so-called solution, which it does not,” stresses Quevedo, precisely for this reason, on June 9, he voted against the approval of the decree to lower the price of electricity.

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The struggle for the ‘Pact of Flowers’ in execution is limited to the problem of interpretation of the text in which the State states that it has corrected the liberalization of gas in the Islands. It is clear from the text that the Canary Islands have the capacity to formulate their energy plans and the possibility of removing the permits for regasification plants referred to in the previous decree should be considered in this context. Antonio Olivera, Deputy President of the Presidency. In other words, the Canary Islands ability to “block” a so-called contrary decision by the central government due to the regional competence of energy planning.

The socialist part of the government, “in new terms, it is clear that the jurisdiction of both administrations, the state and the Canary Islands must always be taken into account, and therefore, there is no longer any risk. A regasification plant that opens the door to some kind of gas market without the approval of the Regional Manager. The implanter and planning must anticipate this.” And “this possibility was not considered” in this planning by the Autonomous Community, so it is clear that “the fourth final provision cannot be developed unless the energy planning of the Canary Islands is changed,” as explained by José Antonio Valbuena, Minister of Ecological Transition.

Sí Podemos Canarias also rejects this vision of the PSOE. Few spokesmen for the formation think in this sense insufficient change the fourth final provision of the Royal Decree, which opens the door to regasification plants on the islands, and demand a much clearer full fledged fix. “This correction by the government is not worth it. “We want the fourth final provision to be removed from the first royal decree and the temporary provision of the decree that is said to have been amended,” he said.

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