Russians continue to advance in Luhansk in eastern Ukraine

this Russian troops Continuing to advance in the Lugansk region of Ukrainein eastern Ukraine, where they captured several cities, although they failed to gain full control of Severodonetsk, a strategic administrative enclave.

Since this Thursday, the settlements of Loskutivka and Rai-Oleksandrivka in that region, which together with Donetsk form the Donbas, “occupied by the enemy”, Regional Military Administration Chairman Serhiy Haidai announced on his Facebook page this Thursday.

“Again, We continue to deter the Russians in Severodonetsk and (nearby) SyrotyneAccording to the military official, it repels the attacks of two other enclaves in the area, Zolote and Vovchoyarivka.

Invaders are destroying industrial capacities in Severodonetsk. This time, a brick factory, Skloplastyk fiberglass factory and chemical equipment factory were attacked,” he said.

One of the buildings of the factory facilities of the Azot chemical plant, where several hundred Ukrainian civilian and military personnel are still housed, was also damaged in one of the enemy attacks.

“The Russian army is ‘liberating’ Severodonetsk from life and work,” Haidai said.

On the other hand, Lisichansk, another important town in the region, has been bombed several times in the last few hours. “Damage was reported in one of the schools in the city. One person was killed and three people were injured,” said the administrative official.

Also, in the past 24 hours, the Russian army has launched air strikes on Verkhniokamianka, Severodonetsk and Syrotyne, as well as air and missile strikes on Hirske.

In recent weeks, the Russians have intensified their bombings of Donbas, a pro-Russian border region where two regions have declared themselves independent republics and Moscow recognizes them.

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