During the tests, a British missile crashed next to the submarine where the Minister of Defense was located 03:01

The Royal Navy has conducted an unsuccessful test launch of a Trident II D5 ballistic missile from the refurbished nuclear submarine HMS Vanguard. The newspaper reported this Sun.

After launch, the missile went off course and crashed next to the submarine. Also on board the submarine were British Defense Secretary Grant Shapps and First Sea Lord Admiral Ben Key.

This happened on January 30 during a training mission in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Florida (USA). Trident II D5 was planned to fly 6 thousand km and hit a target point in the Mid-Atlantic, between Brazil and West Africa. After the unsuccessful launch, an investigation was launched into the incident. Search efforts continue to find rocket parts on the seabed. A special operation was launched for this purpose.

The kingdom’s Ministry of Defense said “an anomaly occurred” during the launch. The British army said, “For reasons of national security, we cannot provide further information on this issue.”

They also added that there is a “specific phenomenon” that does not allow us to talk “about its consequences in the context of the reliability of Trident systems.”

The UK Ministry of Defense stated that “the UK’s nuclear deterrent remains safe and effective”.

Before that the British Navy announced It is the first test launch in eight years of an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) intended to be launched from Trident II nuclear-powered missile submarines in the Atlantic.

The media wrote that the launch of the missile without a warhead will be carried out by the Vanguard nuclear submarine, which recently completed its seven-year repair and is preparing to re-enter the arsenal of the British nuclear deterrent fleet.

Previously in Britain in the name Conditions for the defeat of the Houthis.

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Source: Gazeta


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