Scientists found a way to protect coral reefs from tourists 01:56

Israeli scientists from Ben-Gurion University have found a way to protect coral reefs from the negative impact of humans. The study was published in the scientific journal magazine Oceans.

Natural coral colonies attract many divers, but divers harm marine organisms by stirring up sand, hitting polyps with equipment, and scaring fish. Creating underwater reserves does not solve the problem, as despite the bans, divers still swim into the protected area.

In order to protect corals without harming the tourism industry, researchers and environmentalists have proposed creating an artificial reef as an alternative diving site for scuba diving enthusiasts. The experiment began in 2006, and today experts were able to summarize the results of many years of observations.

A special structure was placed at the bottom of the Red Sea near the city of Eilat in 2007, where corals grown in the nursery were planted. In subsequent years, scientists observed diver activity at this spot.

Observations showed that the artificial reef can become a point of attraction for divers, as a result of which anthropogenic pressure on natural corals and marine reserves is reduced by 40%, contributing to the restoration of the marine ecosystem.

Previously oceanographers warned about the risk of mass extinction of corals due to heat.

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Source: Gazeta


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