Three arrested for pretending to be victims of crime in Orihuela

National Police agents have arrested three people in Orihuela in recent weeks for accusing them of being victims of different crimes. The three arrested persons, without any affiliation, came to the local National Police station to complain for different criminal acts, which led to three police investigations to clarify the facts, as a result of which none of the reported was true.

It was reported that one of the detainees was attacked. a violent robbery by a person who allegedly robbed you with a knife stealing your wallet with credit cards. After investigations by the police, it was confirmed that the wallet was indeed lost, and the injured person filed a criminal complaint for the collection of his credit card insurance.

Another one of the detainees telematics scam victim when investigation determines money was spent in a municipal game room. Witnesses clarified how the alleged victim used his card to get cash to spend at the facility’s slot machines.

The last of those detained actually scammed online even though he had voluntarily subscribed to a premium shopping service. However, he later changed his mind and decided to complain about the fraud.

Acting is a crime

Three Spanish nationals were arrested. 31, 55 and 23 years oldHe was released while waiting to be called by the judicial authority after giving his statement at the Police Department building in the municipality. The National Police said in a statement yesterday that all complaints are being investigated: “Pretending to be the victim of a crime is also a crime and could result in serious harm to its author, such as the possibility of ultimately speaking to the criminal record.”

Source: Informacion


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