Honestly, it’s not common to attend the launch of video games, which is an ongoing success with every installment, but that seems to be the case’OlliOlli World‘. Those responsible for the format hold the secret of the British Roll7; The first episode of ‘OlliOlli’ was released in 2013 and was an almost instant success. Of course, nothing compares to the big-budget releases (here it’s called “Triple A”), but it quickly found a niche among fans of indie games, which introduced the title to a large part of the general public.

It was 2015 when they released their second episode, which was surprisingly well received. “Not a Hero” and “Laser League” were luckily the next games until the birth of ‘OlliOlli World’ in 2022, probably the most important work since the studio’s inception, one of the most popular games at the moment. year for all platforms.

Just 4 months after its release, “Void Riders” is coming, a bonus content pack that encourages even more amazing gameplay as it includes the arrival of aliens looking for the best skaters in the galaxy. Sarah, Kevin and Tangy (alien names are hard to pronounce) have come to our world in the name of the mighty Nebulord in search of the best skaters in the galaxy. To overcome the challenges he faces, you must progress through the entire content of this bonus pack and face the Nebulord himself in a final encounter.

The DLC includes 19 new levels, 50 customization items, a new environment and 3 areas modified for the situation. All of the above makes sense because new elements are added to the game, not just visuals; There will be UFOs around the scenes that will lure us with their attractive beams that we can use to make even more spectacular jumps. Minor variations have also been added to the game, for example tests that not only force us to overcome complex scenarios, but also encourage us to reach the finish line before our opponent.

In short, a challenging content pack that you can access until you complete the “Route 666” level, after unlocking most of the original game, because there, north of the map, where? curious aliens land. produces all kinds of changes in scenarios. Leaving the UFOs, aesthetic aspect and attractive beams aside, the game’s mechanics don’t change much, but offer some interesting confrontations with some final bosses that require a little more skill. All in all, the content pack is a must-have for anyone who enjoys ‘OlliOlli World’ and wants more.