Bulgaria enters new political crisis after government loses no-confidence motion

coalition government, Bulgariapro-European-led Kiril Petkovlost a no-confidence motion in the Sofia Parliament this Wednesday presented by the conservative populist opposition facing the Balkan country. possible new electionsFourth in less than 18 months.

While a total of 116 deputies supported Petkov’s prime minister, the minority Executive, for only six months, 123 voted against the government and one did not come to vote.

The origins of this new political crisis in Bulgaria, The executive branch of the anti-system populist party ITN left a few weeks agoof the popular singer Slavi Trifonov.

The motion has the support of the main opposition party, the populist conservative GERB, the Turkish ethnic party DPS, the pro-Russian ultranationalist Vazrazhdane and ITN, but they have six parliamentarians who joined the Government in their ranks.

Petkov, the leader of the We Continue to Change (PP) party, the winner of last November’s elections, led a coalition with the socialists, heirs of the communist party and the Euro-Atlantic-oriented protest formation Democratic Bulgaria.

The fourth partner was The People Like This (ITN), led by Trifonov, which decided to withdraw its four ministers on 8 June after accusing Petkov of mismanaging public money and wanting to lift the Bulgarian veto at the start of the negotiations. Accession of neighboring North Macedonia to the EU.

Sofia maintains a dispute with Skopje since 2020 over the common history of both countries and demands more guarantees for the rights of ethnic Bulgarians in that country.

In addition, the neighboring country’s World War II alliance with Bulgaria. of Nazi Germany.

With the departure of Trifonov’s party, Petkov’s coalition had only 109 seats in the Assembly; this was far from a majority of 121 of the 240 seats in the Assembly.

Since leaving the government, six ITN MPs declare themselves independentbut with the support of Petkov Executive.

The new balance of power gave its first result last Thursday, at the request of the ITN, with the dismissal of Parliament Speaker Nikola Minchev (PP) by 125 votes from the opposition.

Minchev described the vote as a “dress rehearsal” for today’s no-confidence motion.

After the fall of the executive branch, Bulgarian president Rumen Radev will have to entrust the formation of a new Government to the PP, which will have seven days to find a parliamentary majority.

If Petkov doesn’t succeed – which is likely, according to local analysts – GERB will be commissioned to create a Director.

In case the conservative populists of the former prime minister cannot be found Boyko Borisov Parliamentary majority or any other formation, then Parliament will be dissolved and general elections will be held in the autumn.

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