Moldova bans spending EU money on repairs to monuments to Soviet soldiers 21:35

Local governments in Moldova have been secretly banned from planning to allocate funds from European Union funds for the restoration of monuments to Soviet soldiers. me on this one telegram channel said Alexey Petrovich, chairman of the “Victory” national organizing committee and the search movement of the republic.

He said that last week he received many signals on the issue from the heads of the settlements of the republic.

“In their landscape grant applications, they also mentioned the restoration of monuments to Soviet soldiers. These monuments were erected, as a rule, in rural parks and central squares. Humanitarian distributors in Europe have strictly prohibited the inclusion of such objects in financing projects, threatening to refuse to allocate grants,” Petrovich wrote.

He explained that we are talking not only about mass graves, but also about monuments to our martyred citizens.

As Petrovich noted, by unofficially calling out “this atrocity,” Moldovan officials “accustom people to the pointlessness of preserving monuments to Soviet soldiers on Moldovan territory.”

Formerly Moldovan President Maia Sandu statedthat children singing about victory over fascism are a “threat to national security.”

Formerly former President of Moldova Igor Dodon named It’s a strategic mistake made by the country’s authorities.

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Source: Gazeta


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