Far from calm among the waters Gerard Pique Y Shakira. As the footballer goes about his life and was spotted with his special friend in Stockholm on Sunday, the singer had another stone in his shoe: He has two followers roaming his house. Llobregat Esplugues. The artist has a special security team and the police are monitoring the area to prevent incidents, but the issue is not trivial. On the contrary: it could be the definitive trigger to leave Barcelona.

Laura Fa Y Lorraine Vazquez This Wednesday, we released a new episode of the video podcast ‘Mamarazzis’. There has been no shortage of weekly reviews. gossip magazineshowever, the journalists wanted to pause for a few moments and reflect on two hot topics: Shakira’s daily life in Barcelona and the leak of the host Santi Millán’s intimate video.

Fa and Vázquez have reiterated that Shakira wants to leave Barcelona following her departure from the Barça captain. And it already has one goal: Miami. The thing is, there are both two kids together and the football player has a contract with him azulgrana club. ‘Mamarazzi’ revealed that the singer barely knew people. Barcelona There is no social life in the city. “He gets along very well with his ex-mother-in-law, but they no longer live in the same housing complex” cross city Vázquez told about Esplugues.

The singer continues to live there, and the breakup is accompanied by another setback: she has two followers. She recently came across graffiti from a follower who asked her. marriage. Not only that: the alleged harasser yells at him from the street and insults the journalists on watch. On the other hand, a French fan leaves letters in the mailbox for him. The artist has already made two complaints about this. “The problem with followers may be the argument to move to Miami,” said Fa, who said the singer stopped selling her Florida mansion last week.

Damage done: A candid video on Sunday Sant Millan. The presenter confirmed that a crime was committed during the dissemination of the content, but it was his wife who spoke more strongly, Rosa Olucha. Inside social networks she said she was fine. “You should ask how she’s doing,” she said on Monday, reminding her that her “private life has been hacked.” The ‘Mamarazzi’ condemned the events. “Don’t spread the video,” they asked the podcast’s followers while defending people’s right to privacy, diverse family and romantic relationships.

Inside chapter 17 From the video podcast ‘Mamarazzis’, Fa and Vázquez also talked about Amelia Bono’s reconciliation with Manuel Martos after a year and the “serious crisis” they went through. The heat is on the rise, and couch newspaper magazines are releasing two “bikinazo” this Wednesday: carmen borrego and one dew flowers. Also, Chenoa’s wedding creates a queue: Today was the time to talk about the ‘looks’ the guests wore.

The ‘Mamarazziler’ video podcast is broadcast live every Wednesday (14:30) on: Instagram and Facebook of this newspaper. The pregnancy of Mery Perelló and Rafa Nadal and the wedding of Chenoa were also discussed today. You can watch and listen to ‘Mamarazzis’ on the main aggregators: Ivoox, Spotify, Ivoox, Podimo and Apple Podcast.