These are the places with the cheapest fixed mortgages according to the iAhorro index

There have always been some differences between one autonomous community and another; The same goes for mortgages. According to data from the iAhorro index for the first half of the year (January-May 2022) Basques, Extremadurans and Asturians Spaniards who succeed fixed mortgage on best terms.

In fact, the average flat rate (TIN) given Basques During these six months 0.98%. The Asturians, for their part, signed their loans at an average interest rate of 1.03% and Extremadura with 1.11%. Also, none of the autonomies exceed 1.5%. Cantabria is the community with the highest data (1.46%).

Can these species be protected in the coming months? “Between May and June, we started to see significant changes in banks’ offers. Up to 1.5% increases in APR”, Says Marcel Beyer, CEO of iAhorro. “It’s also true that the steady rates we’ve seen in recent years, especially in 2021, have been the lowest in memory, but the rise in Euribor has been slowing, generalized increases recorded“, Add.

Despite the trend change 90.85% people who signed their mortgages with iAhorro chose a fixed rate and only 2.82% chose a variable. this 6.34% remaining signed mixed mortgageIt is an alternative that is once again considered by both banks and users due to the rise in Euribor.

when it comes financing percentage refers to IBalearic Islands It is the area where users get the highest percentage of financing, especially with 75.96%, followed by Castilla y León with 74.73%.

It is noteworthy that in basque countrythe community from which the best bid is obtained, minimum amount of capital raised: average 57.46%. This is mainly due to two factors: savings and location living space. The more savings a person contributes, the less financing they will need, so they will not have to demand as much as other users.

Likewise, if a house is located in a distant town, the bank knows that if it is sold, it will not be able to earn more than ten as in a city. this causes the business is not willing to raise too much capital for someone to buy.

Catalonia and Madrid where houses are the most expensive

Big cities often have the highest prices, so this is not surprising. Catalonia and the Community of Madrid take the lead in this ranking. The average price at which Catalans buy a house is 470,000 Euros, while in Madrid it is around 365 thousand Euros.

However, although there are regions with the highest prices, The Catalans are the people who need the least funding. when buying a house. They usually ask for around 201,000 Euros, 269,000 Euros less than they would pay acquire a property. In Madrid, on the other hand, clients usually need around 218,000 euros, 147,000 euros less than they would buy.

Other regions with higher prices Balearic Islands (240.000 Euros) and Principality of Asturias (239,000). In these cases, the requested financing is higher: in the Balearic Islands, users request around 193,000 euros, which is 47,000 less than the purchase price; In Asturias they need 173,000 euros, so they contribute 66,000 euros out of their pocket.

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