Six police officers who broke into an apartment in Madrid during the epidemic will face trial

A judge in Madrid has ruled Opening oral proceedings for six policemen accused of trespassing Breaking into an apartment where a party was held on March 21, 2021 without legal authorization was later banned due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The head of Madrid’s Criminal Court of First Instance No. 28 issued an order to which Efe had access, and stated that he stated it. “Oral hearing continues” on a Police inspector and five other agents for their actions that “significantly” constituted the offense of trespassing.

The judge says the facts are “practically indisputable.” In the early hours of March 21, 2021 and “to prevent violations of existing regulations” banning meetings of non-residents The sub-inspector “ordered his subordinates to break the door” of a house on Calle Lagasca in Madrid, in special places, to contain the spread of COVID-19.

He did this after unsuccessfully asking the residents of the partying apartment to open the door and introduce themselves. According to the judge, “non-judicial” agents broke the door and broke into the house, arrested the inhabitants, He added that during the investigation of the case, tests were conducted that determined it was a private flat rented by the plaintiff, questioned by several defense attorneys who claimed it was a tourism flat.

The police action known as kicking the door quickly went viral as it was recorded by a resident. While the prosecutor’s office accuses the agents of breaking in and breaking in, on the one hand, it does not seek a conviction for them, considering that it was a reckless, i.e., non-obvious behavior of the police intervention chief. inside Penal Code As for the offense in question and the other five perpetrators, it believes that the fulfillment of a duty meets the requirement of full exemption.

The arguments, the judge says, should be decided before the jury court, which is responsible for trying the case at the Madrid County Court.

The specific charge brought by the tenant of the house seeks 4 years in prison for the agents. home invasion crime he insists that it should be the criminal court that decides on this issue, although the judge thinks that the elements of this last type of crime are incompatible.

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