Fly airship from Mallorca, closer: Air Nostrum agrees to launch Airlander 10

For example, can you imagine flying on an airship between Mallorca and Barcelona? This step towards more sustainable air mobility seems to be getting closer with Air Nostrum as the protagonist. Valencia airline Airlander 10, a blimp model of British company Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV), is linked to the sustainable mobility project.

They have signed an agreement for Air Nostrum to be the launch customer of Airlander 10, an ecological and versatile airship. Could be real from 2026 If the plans of the British company are carried out. Thus, the airline would add ten airships to its fleet over the next five years.

Air Nostrum is exploring different and more sustainable solutions, as in this case its plan to include the Airlander 10 in its fleet. Zeppelin fuel consumption is much lower than other alternative vehicles. Represents up to 90% reduction in CO2 emissions explains the airline in a press release on the first project and until it reaches zero emissions by 2030. It is in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in terms of responsible production, consumption and climate action.

The intent in the deal with Hybrid Air is for the first aircraft to become operational in 2026 after certification, and then continue to gradually deliver new units over the next five years. One of the examples given by the British manufacturer vWave between Barcelona and Palma in just over four hours, This does not mean that the launch of this route is already a fact, they clarify from Air Nostrum.

For cities without airports and islands

Air Nostrum has proposed an operation with this transport. through hire operation of up to ten aircraft. Versatility and sustainability are British aircraft’s greatest assets, the airline details. Airlander 10 will be able to land on any reasonably flat surface, both on land and in water. In addition, considering its ability to land and take off in small areas, it can be an excellent mobility alternative for air transport in cities and islands that do not have an airport facility.

Carlos BertomeuThe head of Air Nostrum explained that for years they have been “exploring all the ways available to us to reduce our carbon footprint” and will “drastically reduce emissions” with the Airlander 10.

On your own behalf Tom Grundy The CEO of Hybrid Air Vehicles explains that the airship model could enable new transportation networks and that its partnership with Air Nostrum to launch Airlander 10 points the way forward. “As countries like France, Denmark, Norway, Spain and the United Kingdom begin to set ambitious mandates to decarbonize domestic and short-haul flights,” Hybrid Aircraft and Air Nostrum “show how we can get there and get there soon. . They plan to start Airlander production in 2022.

Runway-free take off and landing

it’s not necessary aircraft carrier 10 Use powerful motors for your movements while using helium for lifting. It is estimated that fuel savings can reach 90% compared to conventional aircraft. Airlander 10 will have the same certification as commercial aircraft with worldwide regulatory agencies and will be ready for service from 2026. helmet filled with helium (non-flammable gas) can land and take off from different places without the need for a runway.

The airship reaches the speed it can reach up to 130 kilometers per hourWith a flight range of up to 3,700 kilometers, it would be ideal to cover most of the most important routes on Spanish soil.

Initial configuration of Airlander 10, about a hundred passengers He said that they will be accommodated in a cabin that does not need to be pressurized when flying much lower than airplanes.

Air Nostrum’s Technical Area already provides support to HAV in Airlander 10 engine and propulsion studies, and its Commercial and Customer Service departments have brought their experience to HAV as a regional flight operator for interior design and other customer-related areas. service.

The agreement also includes the entry of the group to cooperate in the training of staff; planning and executing aircraft maintenance, operational development and preparation of integration of such aircraft into an AOC (Air Operator Certificate).

Also Air Nostrum group Airlander 10 will assist HAV with practical aspects of the engineering development program and flight test and will also bring knowledge of crew and passenger experience issues to the project (including, for example, boarding and surface facilities).

Air Nostrum promoted various initiatives in the field of sustainability. In collaboration with developer Dante Aeronautical and airline Volotea, Air Nostrum technical teams are working on a 100% electric aircraft that transforms short- and medium-range commercial aircraft with a propulsion powered by a hybrid battery and hydrogen cells system.

Air Nostrum has also signed a collaboration agreement with Universal Hydrogen to boost its turboprop fleet with hydrogen.. The Valencia company will purchase 11 Universal Hydrogen turboprop conversion kits for use in its current and future fleet. It also conducted one of the first biofuel flights in Spain last spring. This was a charter flight for Valencia CF and used a fuel whose emissions represent a very significant reduction in greenhouse gases over its entire life cycle.

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