The sector reached its highest turnover with 23.1%

this Industry turnover increased by 23.1 percent Compared to the same month of 2021 in April, the rate 9.5 points higher than in March Y Highest since May last yearAccording to data released this Wednesday by the National Institute of Statistics (INE).

Sector turnover with the progress of April between years adds 14 consecutive months of promotions After previously chaining one year of negative interest rates due to the Covid crisis.

According to the sectors, increased its energy sales by 142.9% on an annual basisduration intermediate goods billed 23.9% more. These progresses are tracked. non-durable consumer goods (+17.6%) and durable consumer goods (+15.1%). capital goodson the contrary, reduced their sales by 2.2% compared to April last year.

this Branches with the highest sales at an annual rate coke ovens and oil refining (+142.9%); Manufacture of jewellery, bijouterie and musical instruments (+41.6%); metallurgy (+33.9%) and paper industry while (+33.6%) biggest cuts in billing they wrote them tobacco industry (-27.8%); marine, railway, aerospace construction and combat vehicles (-22.9); computer generation (-11.8%) and manufacture of motor vehicles (-4.7%).

Calendar effect and seasonality fixed, sector turnover increased by 27.4% yoy in the fourth month of the yearIt’s 16 points higher than in March and also the highest since May 2021.

Inside first four months of the year, sector turnover increased by 19.6% on averagehighlights increases in sales of coke ovens and oil refining (+106.5%) and jewelry and costume jewelry manufacturing (+54.1%). By contrast, the biggest declines in sales in the first quarter were recorded in the manufacturing of motor vehicles (-9.9%) and the tobacco industry (-9.2%).

Sales increased by 15.8% per month

Monthly (April to March) and seasonally and calendar adjusted data, sector increased its sales by 15.8%, Biggest monthly increase since June 2020Just as Spain begins to de-escalate tensions after the state of alarm set by the health crisis.

All sectors increased their sales in April compared to Marchespecially most intermediate goods (+16.1%), then energy (+12.1%), non-durable consumer goods (+9.9%), capital goods (+7.7%) and durable consumer goods (+7.3%).

activities further increased their sales Compared to March metallurgy (+27.9%), manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products (+26.1%) and manufacture of motor vehicles (+24.7%), while biggest cuts recorded monthly manufacture of other transportation equipment (-23.3); tobacco industry (-5.3%) and manufacture of computer products (-4.6%).

Increased sales across all communities

this sector turnover increased last April in all autonomous communities at an annual rate.

this biggest promotions produced in Murcia (+62.9%), Balearic Islands (+41.5%), Andalusia (+38.1%), Castile-la-Mancha (+35.8%), Cantabrian (+32.6%) and Basque Country (+28.5%), more moderate they introduced them Galicia (+10%), Madrid (+10.5) and Navarre (+13.7%).

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