Two people were arrested in a place in Marbella that distributes XL joints for a thousand euros

National Police agents were dispersed on 14 June in Marbella, specifically the population centre. San Pedro Alcantaraa The ‘coffee shop’ that functions as the so-called selling point for the drugs allegedly distributing ‘XL’ sized cannabis for 1,000 euros. Meanwhile, two people in front of the building were detained.

In a statement from the Provincial Police Department, Impacts addressed at these facilities included 397 joints, some of which were large and ready for sale. Two detainees, a man and a woman, aged 33 and 39, are being investigated for alleged responsibility for drug trafficking.

Operation ‘trumpet’The investigation, conducted by agents assigned to the Marbella Local Police Station Judicial Police Local Brigade, began with some information pointing to an increase in drug consumption near a coffee shop in central San Pedro Alcantara.

The agents, continuing their investigation, human transfer those who came into the building, walked in, and left a few minutes later, after the alleged drug was administered.

In this sense, the fact that police recorded numerous marijuana seizures among business regulars near the monitored property confirmed initial suspicions.

Finally, on 14 June, the 5th Court of Investigation of Marbella, at the time this meticulous was carried out, the agents within the establishment, a man and a woman responsible for illegal businessand also identified a customer.

Investigators intervened in the ‘Trumpet’ operation as a balance of 2,160 grams of cannabis, 663 grams of hashish, 397 joints – some in XL size -, 372 Euros in cash and various documents.

Source: Informacion


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