this in the plants and Flowers give life and enlighten us house with them colors and scents. Some of these plants are usually special care so they look perfect and stay bright and shiny for as long as possible.


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When you decide to buy one houseplant you will see that you have one wide variety on the market. Nowadays, we can take all kinds houseplant at any time of the year greenhouses.

However, when you receive herb At home, you have to be very specific about where to find it.

temperature and light

It is important that you decide very well where to place your belongings. herb closed. about floors what do you need large doses of mild and warm temperatures. Therefore, look for the perfect corner to find it.

this direct light source In some cases it can be extreme. So if a big window, which principle would be perfect to place herb, think twice because if the sun comes in strongly it can burn it. same goes for heatlarge heat sourceslike nearby heating, this can damage the beauty herb what did you buy.

1. Adefa / 2. Gardenia / 3. Lilies / 4. Orchid. Getty Pictures

water and humidity

Generally in the plants they don’t need a lot of water. what you should hide wet land for what plant hydrated. Don’t get too hung up on watering. houseplant because you can strangle him.

It is very important that you watch the appearance of your plantsIn this way, you will follow its development. If the colors look vibrant and vibrant, take care of yourself. On the contrary, if you see it shutting down, that’s because something is failing in its function. care.

A well-groomed plant it could be excellent decorative element for a living room or a room. They colors and their shape will bring that room to life and will mark the decoration of your home.

this floors most suitable for your home

1. Strip / 2. Fern / 3. Ficus / 4. Potho. Getty Pictures

If you’re not an expert in gardening and your indoor plants are dying all the time, here’s what we recommend. three particularly resistant plants This will last a long time in your home.

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