this bamboo anyone bamboo Lucky (dracaena braunii anyone dracaena sanderianais) is one floors most used greens decor and interior design. Its exotic shapes and little care it requires mean that many prefer it, even if they are not considered expert gardeners. houseplant to give you an original and natural touch house. In addition bamboo It is versatile and looks good in any corner you place it. It adorns a corner of the living room, just like the towel cabinet in the bathroom.


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You can put it directly into the water, a vase or potted or directly courtyard. However, even though easy to maintainyes absolutely necessary care thus bamboo shine brightly in your home. We tell you the most important so that lucky bamboo at home

How to care for lucky bamboo at home?

Having a bamboo cane at home is very easy to maintain. care meaning. Take note of these simple tricks for caring for your bamboo and it will look green and bright for a long time.

First of all, it should be taken into account that not much needed light. You should place it at home where it will not receive direct sunlight, as it can cause the leaves to turn yellow and even the plant to die.

attribution ideal temperature for you bamboo grow healthy It is between 15 and 32 degrees. You should avoid placing Lucky Bamboo near sources of heat or cold, so keep the plant away from air conditioners and stoves.

Bamboo canes need very simple care. pixabay

These floors they need a lot of water develop in a healthy way. if any bamboo you must make sure that the roots are completely submerged in the water. Whenever possible, use rain water or filtered water To protect the bamboo.

In addition, the upper part of the sprouts should be out of the water so that they do not rot. Change the water regularly, at least once a week in summer and less frequently in other seasons.

If you sew bamboo in an earthen pot You should water when you see that the substrate is dry, but avoid overflowing so that the roots do not become saturated with water.

If the branches of your bamboo have grown too much, You can do. Always take the opportunity to do it in the spring. You can use these shoots to propagate bamboo. Put them in water and when they take root again they will be ready to plant them in a pot.

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Finally, it should be considered fertilizer. You can add a few drops of fertilizer to make it healthier.