Arrested for damaging and attempting to light private Sagrada Familia bonfire

National Police arrested Alicante 42-year-old woman for trying to burn her house down Holy Family bonfire, special category and undermines the structure of a few figures in excess of 1,200 Euros. The prisoner said he wanted to see the bonfire burn now and not wait for cream night.

The events occurred next to Plaza de Manila this Tuesday morning. Room 091 received a call that a woman had seriously damaged the private Sagrada Familia bonfire. The woman tries to burn the monument and paints several of her figures.

A citizen security patrol National Police He went to the place and, after meeting with the keeper of the bonfire, went in after a woman threw flaming papers to burn the monument and scolded him for his demeanor many times. He fenced it off and broke one of the ninots, decapitating his head and throwing it on the ground, creating graffiti on other figures. this bonfire head He valued the damage of more than 1,200 euros and filed a complaint.

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action vandalism Recorded with a cell phone and screened by agents, this woman’s authorship is perfectly illustrated by her unkind behavior. According to eyewitnesses, the woman looked a little “confused” and stated that she wanted to see the bonfire lit at that moment and she did not expect the 24th.

The 42-year-old Hispanic detainee was charged with causing harm and was handed over to Alicante security court this Wednesday.

Source: Informacion


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