this sunflowers It is one of the most colorful and original plants we can have at home. Large flowers that move throughout the day seeking sunlight They will be perfect in any corner of your home. In addition, they are quite durable and easy to care for, so by following these simple tips you can have a beautiful appearance. planting sunflowers at home. We will tell you how to plant and care for it to grow strong and healthy.


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How to plant sunflowers in a pot

You can plant a sunflower in a pot from a seed. You must have one for this big pot and the earth is full. Make a hole in the middle, place the seed and put some more soil on top. then you should water often for one week. After this time, the seed will begin to germinate. It is important that you choose a very large pot from the beginning, as this plant should not be transplanted.

The care the sunflower needs

When it comes to keeping a sunflower at home, you have to consider some aspects such as watering and where you place it.

Sunflower should be in a very sunny place at home. pixabay

sunflower plant needs a lot of sunlight (at least 6 hours of direct light) so you should place it near a terrace, balcony or window where it can receive direct sunlight. As for the temperature, it’s okay if you keep it indoors as the ambient temperature of the house is perfect for its growth. On the other hand, if your plant is outdoors, you should be careful when temperatures drop and avoid exposing it to very low temperatures because it will not resist.

Sunflower needs a lot of water, sowater every day but small amount. Special attention should be paid to the roots and waterlogging should be avoided as they can rot. A pot with a good drainage system is essential to keep this aspect under control.

This plant needs a lot foods to grow and it is convenient to pay often, about three times a month is ideal. It is best to use organic fertilizers such as vermicompost.

Sunflowers can be grown in pots. pixabay

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How long will sunflowers last at home?

Sunflowers are seasonal plants and have a relatively short lifespan. After the seeds develop and set, they often wilt, so it’s time to replant one of your seeds and grow a new one. sunflower plant at home.