How to make a delicious homemade empanada

Spanish cuisine is well known. wide variety of cuisine options It can appeal to all tastes. There are many typical dishes from this or that part of the peninsula or islands that have traveled to every corner of the entire planet in this globalized world.

Today we will focus on one topic. timeless classicUnique to various parts of Spanish geography and having a common basis, although it is prepared in different ways depending on the region. about meatball: Indispensable at the table in countless social gatherings where you can prepare yourself at home without much effort.

Follow these tips to make a delicious homemade empanada, simple and fastto surprise your guests.

Kneading the empanada is one of the most important steps in the recipe. Shutterstock

Homemade empanada recipe

  • Strength flour (600 g)

  • Warm water (200ml)

  • Fresh yeast (40 g)

  • Olive oil (150ml)

  • Salt (7 g)

  • Egg (1)

(Note: For this recipe, a tuna empanada with tomatoesthese ingredients can be modified to taste: meat, cheese, spinach…)

  • Drained canned tuna (500 g)

  • Tomato sauce (250 g)

  • Onion (500 g – optional)

  • Bell pepper (1 red and 1 green – optional)

  • olive oil

  • Salt

A good oven is essential for the correct preparation of empanadas. Shutterstock

  • To cut julienne diced onion and diced pepper. fry in oil with olive oil until soft. Add the tomato sauce and cook for five minutes, mixing everything.
  • Add drained tuna and shred as much as possible. Stir again and turn off the heat.

  • Let the stuffing cool. While this is happening, discharge sometimes oil of the mixture (can be used for dough)

  • pour it in stone strength flour (except for 3-4 tablespoons, which we will set aside)

  • solve it yeast in warm water and leave for a few minutes. Then mix until completely dissolved.
  • Touch Fermented water, in which we will make a small hole in the middle of the flour. To pick up out of the center to integrate the mix.
  • Add oil (which we drained earlier) and then salt. Continue mixing.
  • sprinkle Cover a part of the counter with flour, place the dough on top and form a ball by applying pressure with your fingers. Put the ball in a floured bowl, cover it with a cloth and let it rest a clock to increase in size.
  • After the waiting period, divide Divide the dough in half and spread one piece on the previously floured surface with a rolling pin. Place on the baking sheet, cover with the filling, and leave a few inches open at the ends to make the edge of the dough that will cover the empanada.

  • Place the other half of the dough on it. monk seal paint the surrounding and the surface of the empanada with beaten egg.

  • Make a hole in the dough for the gases to escape and put it in the ovenThree quarters of an hour at 180ÂșC, with the heating up and down and the tray in the middle of the appliance.

  • Finally, let it cool down Cake before consuming.

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